Wednesday, October 17, 2007

KrisTees One Year Anniversary Party

I received this from Kristie at KrisTees - it looks like a lot of fun! Definitely check it out.

This Thursday night starting at 6:30PM we will be celebrating KrisTees One Year Anniversary !!! :)

As part of the festivities, we will have at the store:
  • Astoria's own Duo of Anthony Lanni & Dave Kendall playing Brazilian Jazz
  • Plenty of refreshments, all compliments of our very own favorite neighborhood hangouts of Fatty's Cafe and Crescent & Vine

So on your way home from work, pick up some friends and stop in at the store for some good food, great music... and maybe something new to take home!
Sounds like a Fantastic Combo to Me!

Looking forward to seeing you!

*Also, for those looking to continue the evening on a Samba note, Anthony and Dave will be playing around the corner at the Waltz-Astoria with the rest of their band at 10:00PM :) Definitely worth a trip over!


RJK said...

I love your blog and wanted to make a comment/suggestions.

You inform people about such great places and it would be helpful to include the contact info for the businesses in the posting instead of people needing to look it up on the Web.

Keep making all of the great suggestions!

megc said...

Hi robbi, thanks for the suggestion. Lately, we have been including lots of address info and a link if possible - do you mean telephone numbers?

Unknown said...

Hello Meg,

This is Anthony Lanni. I noticed that you posted some of my gigs on your blog. I just wanted to say thank you for the support. I greatly appreciate it! You have a great blog!