Thursday, January 24, 2008

Astorian Weekend Edition 24.01.08

Oleput (31-13 Ditmars) reopened! I heard a rumor that the liquor license is in... let's check it out tonight!

Saturday stop in at Waltz at 8pm for some goodies and a "I'm New to Astoria: Meet and Greet Party". Go and represent the neighborhood and show some love to the newbs.

Seeds of Love are at it again with raising more cashola for a special family in need. This time the awesome crew at Curves (36-10 Ditmars) are setting up shop in North Astoria Saturday afternoon. They'll have tons of brand spanking new gear for you all to purchase and they still need donations as well, so check their website for the deets on how to help!

Try the Post Holiday Food Based Cleanse and Restoration at The Yoga Room (32-32 Steinway St) his Sunday! I did a full on cleanse a couple of weeks ago and I'm a fan. Maybe this one will be just as good? I'm willing to bet it is. From their mailer: "You will get to prepare, taste and take home recipes that will help you start the year with the clear, balanced energy needed for the cold winter months." It's 1 to 4 p.m. and $45.

There's a Sunday brunch being put together by the peeps over at Out Astoria at Locale (33-02 34th Ave). I know a couple of the members; a good time is pretty much guaranteed. Let them know you're coming in advance!

P.S. I finally made it to Mojave (22-36 31st St) and was quite satisfied. Hope to have them in the neighborhood for awhile so I can try more of the menu!


Jenonymous said...

Hey there. As always, thanks for the listing. But, as of last night, Oleput still did not have any wine out--they got the liquor license but there was some kind of snafu RE a zoning fee or something, so all the booze had to be brought back down to the basement...

Unknown said...

Seeds of Love MySpace is set to private. Someone might want to tell them that when your main means of promotion is a website, it's probably best that you make it open for everyone to see.

Seeds Of Love said...

You can check out our website-!

Unknown said...

jenonymous- thanks for the heads up! i got so excited when i walked by it last weekend and saw it open, didn't enquire about the logistics :( guess we're back on booze watch

thinkpinksuperhero- sorry bout the link to a private page! since i friended them i never thought to check. but there you go, check their website for the deets that i was trying to get to you all :)

seeds of love- thanks a bunch and good luck with it this weekend!

AJanuzz said...

i just found this fantastic and functional blog of yours while researching the now passed (RIP) Sans Souci bistro.

i'm new to Astoria and cannot imagine living in any other enighborhood--but I didn't know where to start looking for the good stuff I sensed was all around. thank you for your immense help and research, all tinged with hilarious observational skills. this blog is officially Bookmarked.

vabbs said...

Oleput is open with liquor license and all. The wine is fantastic and affordable!