Thursday, January 31, 2008

Astorian Weekend Edition 31.01.08

Are you ready for some Football?! Well, I guess if you're from here or not, as long as you are living here, it will probably be a very entertaining weekend out and about with everything Giants.

I'd say if you're going for the typical grub, get out to McCann's- EARLY! I do love their wings.

Sunswick is having an Abitas beer promo & drink specials. They have awesome nachos, if you are looking for a winner. They didn't yet have the details for game day last night, but I'm sure there is some food thing they'll be offering. Can't go wrong with their zillion beers anyway!

  • Check out the new face lift at Il Bambino.
  • Sit around and grab a grilled cheese at Oleput.
  • Or if the weather is cruddy: Enjoy Astoria on Flickr!

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