Thursday, March 20, 2008

Astorian Weekend Edition 20.03.08

We love our local healthy CSA's, and now there are more and more organic choices popping up. Thursday (tonight) learn all about and taste some "certified organic" and "biodynamic" wines at Hunter's Point Wines & Spirits (47-07 Vernon Blvd). The event runs 6 to 8 p.m., but be
s ure to RSVP with Lynne Serpe at 646-202-0825 or Robyn Sklar, The store holds regular tastings on Thursday and Friday nights too, good to know.

We know how much our neighborhood rocks, but it seems that the cat is out of the bag bigtime! As much as we love Loveday 31 (33-06 31st. Ave) and Mimi's Closet (21-10 31st St.) , now that Zagat and Channel 7 are onto them: things might never be the same again! Pay them a visit and see why they rate so highly. Sticking with the cute boutique theme- Candy Plum (30-98 36th St.) has drinks and treats on Saturday in celebration of a local designer sharing her accessories collection.

Welcome Spring on Saturday with Savvy Cyclist and their free, one-day "introduction to cycling" program. It's a class "ideal for new cyclists who want to learn the basics, those returning to cycling from a long hiatus, people who want to be more independent on their bike, and those who feel a little nervous while cycling in traffic." It's an all day thing going from 9am-5pm at Recycle-A-Bicycle (46 Ave. & 5th St.) There are no walk-ins so be sure to go here and register first!

I have it on good authority that Family Market (29-15 Broadway) carries some delicious daifuku. Stop by the store for all kinds of interesting imports from tiny dried fish to full on ready-to-eat meals. I'm a big fan of this one of a kind (in this nabe anyway) shop.

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