Tuesday, April 08, 2008

4 is a Lucky Number

Ya' know 4 is a lucky number. You can play pool with 4 quarters. Pizza Hut cuts their personal pan pizzas into 4. Not counting my thumb, I have fingers on each hand. Harry Potter won the Tri-wizard Tournament in the 4th book...

Today, Astorians, is a big and exciting event in the life of Joey in Astoria. This is the day when our staff goes from 3 to 4! That's right, you heard it here first. The Fabulous Foodista is now one of us! I'm not sure how we ever ate without her!

Please give Foodista a hearty JIA welcome!


Fooditka said...

Why thank you, thank you. I'm happy to be an official "Joey" girl. Looking forward to bringing you the latest and greatest grub news :)

megc said...

Welcome, Foodista! So glad you're here. :) :)