Monday, April 14, 2008

The Sweetest Smelling Shop in Town

On my way to Dolce Italia Bakery this weekend, I noticed a quaint little soap shop on the corner of 36th Street and Ditmars called The Little Soap Shop--whadda ya know! While I've never noticed it before, its welcoming outdoor display of soaps and oils caught my eye.

I went in and immediately saw this place as something special. The founder and owner, Vivian Dritsas runs the shop. Her friendly manner and spunky personality immediately draw you in, peaking your curiosity about her products. She informed me that while the shop in Astoria is there for locals to peruse and shop at, the majority of her business takes place virtually through internet orders.

Vivian's earth friendly products are definitely worth bragging about--delicious smelling soy candles ($8), buttery-soft lip balm ($5), organic spa shower gel ($16) but of course the main show-stopper is her handmade soap made with minerals from the Dead Sea ($6-$10.50). From Egyptian Geranium to Mild Lavender and even soap that cures stinky feet, the Little Soap Shop satisfies your every soap need.

Take a walk over and smell the scents coming out of this sensational "soaperie."

The Little Soap Shop: 22-07B 36th Street, Astoria, NY 11105



Unknown said...

oooh, this is a great find! Soy candles are awesome. We've made candles a few times and I was pretty surprised to learn that regular wax is a by product of processing crude oil! Like, when you buy regular wax block for making candles, the brand name is actually like Mobile or Shell!

Fooditka said...

Yuck for Mobil/Shell, yay for Soy! :)

Anonymous said...

Really? Sweetest smelling shop in town>

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