Thursday, June 26, 2008

Astorian Weekend Edition 26.06.08

Tonight at Waltz (23-14 Ditmars), enjoy A Night With The Whiskey Dregs. 8 to 11 p.m. come enjoy the free event, full of music, poetry, and storytelling. There will also be some limited open mic time, so if that's your deal, get there early to sign up!

Don't forget the community meeting tonight about the Con Ed/Fed Ex sale. It will effect everyone.

If you haven't been by the Freeze Peach (22-09 29th St) lately, pay them a little visit on Friday and check out the new set-up. Some things moved around, some things changed, but same great drinks. There will also be carry over performances by the people from The Whiskey Dregs from last night. Looks like they are testing out a monthly gig.

Try the vast wine selection at Rést-âü-Ránt (corner of 35th Ave & 30th St.) and relax the Saturday away while nibbling on cheese and meats platters, too. I stopped in there a few weeks back and it was really quite charming. They open up the one wall (foto above) to let in the air and light, almost makes you feel like you're outside. Another plus, great music selection and not too loud either!

Sunday should be a blast- literally. Hit the park for the Great Astoria Water Balloon Fight! Bring your own artillery, or join the Meetup group and pay $5 and they will supply you with some flying water bombs. There will also be a picnic of sorts going on as part of the Meetup group so if you are interested, inquire with them. Meet at noon between 23rd Rd and Hoyt Ave.

UPDATE: The Great Astoria Water Balloon Fight! is being moved to next weekend 07.05.08. Stay tuned to their site.


Carlos Detres said...

the whiskey dregs are enacting phase two of their plan to take over astoria. lock your homes. OK, that's not true but thank you for posting this.

Carlos Detres said...

I hope it's OK to do this. Just delete this if it's not. Thanks so much! We have an open mic at Freeze Peach this Friday. Here's the info:

Friday, July 11
The Whiskey Dregs
Free For All
hosted by Carlos Detres
An Open Mic Night
Freeze Peach
Sign up begins at
Bring your music, poetry, short story -– whatever. Just bring it.