Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seva, my new bud off the avenue

I decided to take myself out for dinner last night.
I was flying solo so I thought it a good opportunity to try something that I know my other half doesn't like at all- Indian. Been hearing all kinds of good stuff about Seva Indian Restaurant (30-07 34th St) and since it's on my way home, it won out. I had no idea how affordable it would be!
Walking up to the place I saw the sandwich board outside letting me know that there is a prix fixe dinner if I was so inclined. You'll never believe it, but it was only $12! Granted no drink included but it's BYOB! This just kept getting better.

There was only one other couple in the place when I got there so service was super fast and attentive (but they were so sweet, I have to believe they are always like that) but it was early- 6:30ish maybe? That changed by the time I left, it was almost full. The menu was the perfect size. Not too overwhelming and not too crazy, especially for someone with very little Indian cuisine knowledge. Seeing as how what wanted was also on the meal deal menu, I went for knew I would ;)
One veggie samosa, chicken saag and basmati rice, gulab jamun and I had to throw in a rosemary naan with a refreshing glass of limeade. So what that this put me over my $12 quoted price- I WANTED IT ALL!!!!

The kind sir went to put in my order and then "gifted" me with papadum and 2 sauces. I think he said one was mint and the other tamarind? Whatever really, I loved it. Proceeded to devour it.

Out came my little samosa puff on a little pool of the 2 sauces mentioned above. I am kidding when i call it little. My big healthy sized samosa was enough to split- lucky for me there was noone to split it with ;)

Glory be, that naan was huge hot and tasty. The little pots that held the chicken and the rice were adorable. At first glance I was like, wow I can see why it's affordable. But after digging in and getting fuller and fuller by the minute I started wondering who the hell could eat a full dinner portion?!?!?! I fought the good fight and only ended up leaving half my rice and 1 scoop of chicken and sauce. Sad I know, but I needed to finish the glorious naan and my dessert still to come!

I am very unfamiliar with any and all Indian desserts. But seeing as the description for the other one likened it to rice pudding (which I detest) I had to order the gulab jamun. They describe it as Honeyed dumplings, cashew stuffing, rosewater, cardamo. Craptastic! I'm glad it wasn't really plural, there was one huge zeppole type cake in a dish swimming in a pretty aromatic sauce with some shredded stuff on top. This was maybe my favorite thing of the night. I could do some damage to a platter of these. Serious.

The place is a must for everyone. Not kidding. Couples, groups or solo like me. They've got something for everyone and super affordable. My whole dinner after tax was $18.50. If I were not the glutton that I just described on here, there would have been enough for lunch the next day. Alas, I 'll just have to go back.

Loved it.
Yup, it's good.

Seva Indian Restaurant
30-07 34th St (corner of 30th Ave)
718 626 4440


Fooditka said...

This sounds insane--I MUST go! The samosa looked unbelievable!

blb said...

i've been here several times and i must say that, although they are very sweet (especially the owner), the service was never been what i'd call "attentive". if anything, i would call it "slow" most of the time. however, the food/price is amazing so i'll keep going back!

Phil said...


When you order the prix fix special for delivery, the portions are even larger (2 samosas, 2 galub jamon, more entree).

My fav restaurant in Astoria!!!