Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's a Cookbook Giveaway!

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The Queens Museum of Art is hosting an exciting event this Sunday in honor of its newly launched cookbook, "A Healthy Taste of Corona." The book was a collaborative effort, featuring content from Queens Borough President, Helen Marshall, The Mets General Manager, Omar Minaya, neighborhood officials, community leaders and let's not forget all the fantastic local restaurateurs.

The bi-lingual cookbook promises 150 pages of recipes, designed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Sound good?

Here's something even better...would you like your own copy?

Comment on this post between now and Sunday, December 14th by 12:00 am, and share with us your favorite healthy food and why you love it.

One lucky winner will be selected at random to win their very own copy of this book--and we'll also announce them online!

So if you're in the neighborhood this Sunday, please try to stop by the Queens Museum of Art for the launch event of this fantastic book.

Sunday, December 14th, 2008 from 3pm - 6pm
Queens Museum of Art
NYC Building
Flushing Meadows, Corona Park


Christian Woods said...

Rice and Beans. This staple dish of many cultures is my favorite because its cheap , tasty, and easy to prepare.

Quentin said...

Salmon steak. Full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, but not fattening. And not only is it tasty, but they're super-cheap at the Chinese supermarkets near Corona.

Aly said...

I love roasted beets.. You can slice and eat them, toss them in a salad or smear a little goat cheese on them. Delicious and good for you.

Unknown said...

Soups. You can throw in your favorite meats and veggies and still have a healthy meal.

Autumn Whitefield-Madrano said...

I know greens are good for me but honestly eating my way through four cups of spinach a day takes time! So I started making my own chopped salads at home--spinach, peppers, cranberries, chicken or salmon, a little cheese, with balsamic and olive oil. Chop it all up and it goes down easy, and because the bites are small the dressing coats every bite so you can use less of it.

Jake said...

One of my favorite meals is lemon chicken and snap pea salad. Julienned red and yellow peppers, add snap peas, add sliced grilled chicken, topped with lots of fresh lemon juice. The snap peas and peppers give it a great crunch!

Unknown said...

OMG, I love salmon, too. I wish it didn't have all those sticky ethical issues attached. But I still eat it!

bookworm said...

I love eating fresh green beans! My dad has a HUGE garden and I end up canning lots of those little green things for the long winter. They are so much better than the store bought canned ones, worth the effort.

cpullum said...

I love to sncak on Bell Peppers and cucumbers. I also love these items in all my entrees! Healthy!

Jen Rock said...

I've become a huge fan of lentils once I learned how to cook them up right. Its amazing how diverse one staple food can be, especially when you examine an array of cultures and their techniques for cooking them. This month I'm hooked on preparing them Ethiopian style. Last month, it was lentil soup with smoked ham hocks. Next month, who knows!

Sara said...

Wow, so many good ideas! I'm off to my local farmers' market. Maybe they'll have beets, snap peas, peppers ... all this good stuff. :-)