Monday, April 06, 2009

Delicious Watermelon Treat at Waltz

Last night I went to Waltz Astoria to see a friend of mine play a piece written by another friend of mine (along with other selections). The performances were great and the music was really interesting. Nice to see friends there, too. Part of the admission was a $10 food/drink minimum, and I chose this watermelon icy drink. I was told it was a traditional Chinese treat. Basically watermelon, a little sugar and some ice, all ground up to a slushy consistency. It was great! I loved it and I definitely see more of this watermelon goodness in my future. I bet anyone who loves watermelon will love this.

Also, congratulations to Song, proprietrix of Waltz! She's pregnant and looks fabulous. Lots of good wishes to her and her husband Pedro.

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