Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Wonderland in Astoria

I'm sure you've seen the big brick building on the corner of 38th St and 23rd Ave before. I knew of it as a rental space for musicians up until now. It also houses an artist collective of sorts! Here's you're big chance to check it out. Join Astoria Music & Arts on Saturday for 12 hours of AMandA in Wonderland. There will be so much more then I can even type in here and still keep your attention. but from their facebook, here's some info:

Wonderland (38-01 23rd Ave)
$10 in advance $15 @ the door
Times of performances to be announced stay tuned for updates

Wonderland and Astoria Music and Arts are both dedicated to the enrichment of the artistic community in the Astoria/LIC area and beyond. Only with a network and community of artists will this come to fruition. This is for all of us and a great opportunity for all of us to build together.

This event is a fundraiser for our HUGE festival in Astoria Park on July 25th!


So yeah, we're talking bellydancers, djays, comedy, hula hooping, poetry, theatre, art, drumming, dancing and a whole lot more! I will be there at some point with my big camera in hand to document some of this craziness so feel free if you think you see me- stop me and i'll totally snap a pic! This should really be a good time, there was a poetry event there 2 weeks ago that was incredible so I expect the same and more. Come out and show your support for the local art scene.

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