Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dutch Kills - An Interesting and Acquired Taste

After a long lead-up to the highly-anticipated Dutch Kills bar in LIC, I finally paid them a visit last week and liked what I experienced.

The bar is located in a semi-shady area on Jackson Avenue and there's absolutely nothing worthy of mentioning around it--however, as soon as you step in, you feel transported into another world.

Dark brown wooden furnishings deck the place from wall to wall and table to table. It's a bit dark and narrow as you step in and walk towards the bar, but once you get there, a charming, nostalgic vibe prevails. There's an old fashioned cash register and a grand piano in the back with saw-dust on the floor. And the best part is that all the barmen are dressed in vintage uniforms of high-waisted pants, suspenders and in some cases bowties. They're super nice and accommodating to your every need. I asked my barman to custom make my drink, and he happily obliged, fixing up the best classic daiquiri (pictured above) that I've had in a long time.

Dutch Kills features themed cocktails named after Queens neighborhoods such as "The Steinway" "Flushing" and even "Astoria." Beers and traditional spirits are served as well, embellished with unique little touches. For example, a scotch on the rocks was served with a huge chunk of solid ice. It made for good presentation and was fun for swooshing around the glass.

Prices are on the expensive side for Queens and range between $7-$9 (beers are $7, signature cocktails and custom drinks are $9).

Overall, I do think it's worth a visit, as it is so different from the rest. Plus, did I mention that the barmen are skillful and cute?

Dutch Kills Bar - 27-24 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101

E/V/G/R Train to Queens Plaza



John said...

How was the crowd?

Fooditka said...

The crowd is eclectic - some yuppies, some artsy folk and some regular norms :)

Anonymous said...

Look so tasty.

Laby[big and tall suit]