Tuesday, September 08, 2009

One of the absolute best things about living in a place long enough is getting to know a bunch of really talented and creative people. Case in point, long time Astorian Tamara Reynolds. Tamara moved here ten years ago with less than optimistic feelings about our fair neighborhood but then was charmed by the abundance of unique markets, eclectic food choices at every grocery, and all those abundant fruit stands. Starting as just a small dinner party for friends, Sunday Night Dinner eventually grew into a grand, albeit quiet, tradition of family style dinners. Every couple of weeks, Tamara opens her home to strangers, and lovingly prepares amazing meals for a small fee. Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend a Mexican Fiesta at her home, complete with knock your socks off guac and fantastic company! SND is a fantastic way to get to know a really authentic and different side of Astoria, and I highly recommend trying it out!

Taking her love for cooking and entertaining one step further, she and SND partner Zora just finished their new cookbook, Forking Fantastic! The book chronicles years of tips and tricks of dinner party hosting, tales of Sunday Night Dinners past, and of course all those tasty meals. I know I couldn’t be more excited to get a copy and try some of their amazing recipes.

In between hosting strangers in her Astoria home and writing a fantastic cookbook, Tamara recommends getting lost in the unique architecture found west of 21st street near 30th ave. Also on her list? The amazing Kabab Café (2512 Steinway), a local institution steeped in shisha tobaccos, domino playing, Egyptian pop music and of course truly amazing food.

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