Monday, September 28, 2009

Queens Restaurant Week - Coming to an Eatery Near You

October 5th marks the start of a ten-day food extravaganza in Queens also known as Queens Restaurant Week. This year the list of participants is bigger than ever with more than 75 restaurants across Queens. Below is a list of Astoria and LIC participants along with our top picks. You can access the full list of restaurants here.

The Offering: Most restaurants are featuring a $25 prix-fixe lunch or dinner and some are even shelling out a 2-for-$25 special. Take a look at this link for more details.

Aegean Cove, 20-01 Steinway St., Astoria, 718-274-9800
Balu Café, 37-11 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-626-2258
Barril Grille, 30-18 Broadway, Astoria, 718-545-8498
Bizaare Avenue Café, 35-01 36th St., Astoria, 718-937-1234
Campagnola Cucina Italiana NEW, 36-02 35th Ave., Astoria, 718-392-8989
Cavo, 42-18 31st Ave., Astoria, 718-721-1001
Christos Steakhouse JIA PICK, 41-08 23rd Ave., Astoria, 718-777-8400
Fresh Juice Bar & Health Eatery, 38-01 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-626-3737
Gandhi Haute Cuisine of India, 34-14 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-956-7555
Las Margaritas, 38-01 Broadway, Astoria, 718-777-1707
Mezzo Mezzo, 31-29 Ditmars Blvd., Astoria, 718-278-0444
Momento Bistro, 29-35 Newtown Ave., Astoria, 718-267-2771
Ovelia Psistaria Bar JIA PICK, 34-01 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-721-7217
Pinocchio Palace (Gyro sandwich pictured above) JIA PICK, 32-02 30th Ave., Astoria, 718-932-4976
Ponticello, 46-11 Broadway, Astoria, 718-278-4514
Portobello Pizzeria Restaurant, 43-18 Ditmars Blvd., Astoria, 718-204-8766
Punta Dura JIA PICK, 41-15 34th Ave., Astoria, 718-721-2137
Seva JIA PICK 30-07 34th St., Astoria, 718-626-4440
Taverna Sophia (previously called S'Agapo) JIA PICK, 34-21 34th Ave., Astoria, 718-626-0303
Time Café, 44-18 Broadway, Astoria, 718-606-0500
Zenon Taverna JIA PICK, 34-10 31st Ave., Astoria, 718-956-0133
Zlata Praha JIA PICK, 28-48 31st St., Astoria, 718-721-6422

Court Square Diner
, 45-30 23rd St., Long Island City, 718-392-1222
Da Gianni's, 21-50 44th Dr., Long Island City, 718-707-0442
La Vuelta, 10-43 44th Dr., Long Island City, 718-361-1858
Renaissance Steakhouse, 27-34 21st St., Long Island City, 718-274-4590
Riverview Restaurant & Lounge, 2-01 50th Ave., Long Island City, 718-392-5000
Tournesol JIA PICK, 50-12 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City, 718-472-4355
Waters' Edge, The East River at 44th Dr., Long Island City, 718-482-0033

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Lingo said...

What's up with Bizaare Avenue Café...I haven't seen anything on your blog (or anyone else's) about it but they are participating in Discover Queens. What's the skinny?