Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rioja Restaurant Week in Astoria

Via a recent Tasting Table mailer, I learned of the upcoming Rioja Restaurant Week.  What is Rioja Restaurant Week?  Well, from October 18-25, restaurants around the city will highlight Rioja wines, complete with wine and food specials (prix fixe menus, or other food and wine deals).  According to their website, two Astoria restaurants will participate:  Sweet Afton and 718.  Could be a good deal - keep an eye on their website for more info and developments.

I will say that on the website, it is a bit dated to separate things by a handful of neighborhoods in Manhattan and then simply "outer boroughs".  These days, these boroughs have made great culinary steps forward, that lumping them all together is a real shame, and short-sighted.  Or, was it simply a rush job on the part of the person/group programming together the drop-down menus?  Who knows, but it looks bad.  Here's hoping they get some feedback on this so they can avoid this in the future.

Photo courtesy of Magnus_Manske via a Creative Commons license.

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