Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally Fridays - Best Coffee

Happy, happy Friday everyone!  In this edition of our fun little franchise, we'd like to chat about brew - as in coffee. Who has the best cup of that much needed morning jolt?  Here are our top 5 picks - enjoy them this weekend for brunch, and as always, let us know your thoughts.

Athens Cafe - Nescafe - hot, comforting version of the frappe. It's nice & strong with a lot of foam on top.
32-07 30th Avenue, Astoria.  718.626.2164

Avenue Cafe - The Freddo - ultra, cold and refershing - strong enough to wake you on the toughest of days.
35-27 30th Avenue, Astoria.  718.278.6967

Sweetleaf Cafe - Sweet little cappuccino with a heart shaped foam design.  The coffee is from Stumptown. Need I say more?
10-93 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City.  917.832.6726

Vesta - "A great cup of coffee. It was bitter yet smooth, with chocolate notes within," Meg says.
21-02 30th Avenue, Astoria.  718.545.5550

Zenon Taverna - A strong cup of Greek coffee helps you digest a hearty meal from this homey eatery.
34-10 31st Avenue, Astoria.  718.956.0133


Anonymous said...

You need to try the latte at Fatty's. It's delicious!

Bacchus said...

it won't win any prizes but for a corner deli, at Ditmars and 42nd St. has a pretty kick ass regular cup of coffee for a low price.

Unknown said...

Cappuccino or macchiato from Gian Piero on 30th Ave....

Cafe con leche from El Sitio on 31st Street off 36th Avenue.

Konstandinos Maroulis said...

You also need to try a Frappe from Grand on a thursday night or saturday morning.

Sam said...

Ditmars and 42nd. Yes. Also, good sandwiches.

Nadeem said...

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