Monday, January 04, 2010

Veggie Friendly Eating in Astoria

It is that time for resolutions and changes and perhaps for some eating less meat or trying a vegetarian lifestyle is high on your list. I’ve spent the last 20 years eating veggie, and I love all the fantastic veg friendly eating establishments Long Island City and Astoria have to offer. Here are my top choices for a great veggie meal that doesn’t consist of an assortment of unsatisfying side dishes!

The Veggie Wrap with Pesto at Mundo, from Little Girl, Big Appetite


The jewel of healthy eating in Astoria! Choose from a wide variety of options including their perfect Red Sonjas, soups, dips and that hearty Veggie Wrap. Mundo has something in mind for every veggie, and their tapas style presentation means more to try, and less damage to the wallet. Plenty of vegan fare too, if that is more your thing. (31-18 Broadway)

As a rather strict vegetarian, I appreciate clear menu marking of which dishes are ok for me to consume, and Vesta does a brilliant job at this task. Their locally grown, seasonally appropriate ingredients are also a huge plus in my book. Check out their deliciously layered salads, those Crispy Parm Brussel Sprouts, and the great assortment of pizzas (with whole wheat crust, too!). (2102 30th Avenue)

Café Bar
Home of Mediterranean Café style cooking, Café Bar has lots to offer people looking to cut down on their meat consumption. A wide variety of soups, sandwiches and salads are prepared with organic and healthy eating in mind. The Lebanese Salad is a hearty, protein packed salad that won’t disappoint. Their Homemade Veggie Burgers are also a knock out and a welcome change from the ‘Garden Burgers’ that are ubiquitous at most restaurants. Looking for something a bit lighter? Café Bar also has a great selection of juice and smoothies. (32-90 36th Street)

Greek food and vegetarian eating don’t always go hand in hand, but this local favorite is actually quite veg friendly. The smoky Charcoaled Eggplant, Hummus, and Grilled Haloumi Cheese make quite the veggie feast, but the real stand out is their Horiatiki salad, a delicious Greek chopped salad with cabbage, cilantro, feta, olives, arugula, and a light lemon vinaigrette. (29-19 Broadway)

Bare Burger
Not surprisingly this organic burger joint has lots to offer non meat eaters. Their veggie patties are quite good and can be included on any of their fantastic combinations. Those looking for a change of pace should try their Portabella Burger option, bursting with flavor. Veggies will find lots of great salad and side options here too. (33 - 21 31st Avenue)

Fatty’s Café

A long time Astoria staple, Fatty’s has a great selection of non-meat options. Their ‘Make Your Own Salad’ offering is a great way to go- try the House Dressing, a smoky thick stunner. If you’re looking for something more substantial, their Grilled Veg with Hummus plate or Veggie Burrito with Mole sauce is always a winner. (25-01 Ditmars Blvd.)

An unusual choice, Rest-Au-Rant is the king of the cheese plate, that yummy veggie staple. This cozy Astoria bar/eatery has lots of cheese plates to choose from, often in differing sizes. Enjoy a pressed sandwich or salad with your glass of wine if that is more your speed. (30-01 35th Avenue)


SZ said...

Awesome! It really is easy to be a vegetarian in Astoria -- one of the reasons I love this 'hood.

I'd also add Il Bambino to the list. They have lots of excellent meat-free crostini and salads. (Sorry, vegans -- pretty much everything has cheese.)

How about Asian food? I know the Thai place Leng will make their curries with tofu -- any other recs?

SZ said...

Oh, yeah -- Seva, the Indian joint, has lots of nice veggie options, too.

Fooditka said...

Definitely SZ - Seva has great vegan options too.

Mackenzi said...

I left Asian off the list since it is a particularly veggie friendly option nearly all of the time, but my personal faves for good veggie options are JJ's, Wave Thai (so so good), Leng, and Watawa.

Seva is so good, but not the best. I'm ready for Astoria to have kick ass Indian again...

Stephanos said...

For more awesome Greek veg-friendly cuisine, try Loukoumi (D'mars@45th St).

Unknown said...

Love your blog for finding good eats in Astoria. And it's great to see the ones we love (thanks to you!) recognized and shared on the blog! Keep up the wonderful work!