Friday, January 08, 2010

Watch Out - Someone May Have Their Eye on You

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My brother just passed on a curious link called N Train Gossip.  It's a twitter page that displays user-submitted photos, showcasing N Train etiquette offenders or just people doing some strange ol' things.  Exhibit a - The Nosepicker.  Exhibit b - The Eater.  Exhibit c - The Mickey Mouse enthusiast.  And so on...I think you get the point.

So next time you're riding our beloved N train, make sure you're on your best behavior.  Or misbehave on purpose and get your 15 minutes of fame.  Enjoy and spread the word.


megc said...

Wow, I had no idea. I'm now following. I did see this today, though, which made me laugh:

Highlighted on both Gothamist and Astorians.

Mackenzi said...

Ick. I think this sort of behavior is just disgusting. The sleaze bag who runs it totally gets off on all the attention- both negative and positive. Give him a piece of your mind @petemalachowsky he's who runs it.

megc said...

I had heard that the internets figured out who it is! Bravo to everyone involved.

I do wonder, though... how many subway riders make snap judgments of their fellow riders by just looking at them? I imagine most people do - tensions run high on the trains, especially during rush hour. I've been thinking about this since I heard about it. In some way, are we all like Pete Malachowsky, in our snap judgments? Well, without making the judgmental thoughts public, like he did. I don't have an answer to that, it's just something I've been pondering. I would welcome a thoughtful discussion on this.

PhillyRay said...

Yeah, Id LOVE it if someone took a picture of me on the rude and invasive. I'd smash that hipsters iPhone so fast his head would spin.