Monday, March 08, 2010

Kayaking & The Foundry

Even if you hated boats, water, and not-for-profit organizations, the LIC Boathouse Fundraiser would be reason enough to go The Foundry which is a spectacular event-only venue in Long Island City. It is ubercool and for $20 you get to raise money for free kayaking activities on the East River this summer. While I get that doing anything in or on the East River may sound gross to some, people seem to rave about it and I think they should have the option. And you will, too. Every summer the LIC Boathouse runs tons of free boating activities at Hallet's Cove (near Socrates Sculpture Park).

Event Info:
Thursday, March 11, 5-10pm
The Foundry, 42-38 9th Street, LIC

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