Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Nuttiest Astorians

Long time readers of JIA may recall our nuttiest Astorians taking quite the adventure at the The Mongol Rally in 2007.

Well, good news. They made it. And now they are at it again.

This summer Astorian team - Team Monkey Wrench - will be driving in a not-so-ruggedized "moto" through the Andes, the desert, the salt flats... oh my! Why are they doing this? Because they got dared to. Okay, it's really cuz they are nuts, but also they are raising money for Operation Smile which is a supercool organization that provides medical care for children around the world. Let's help these guys show...er...the Andes...that Astoria is badass! Stay tuned for updates.

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