Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Astoria Bookstore Gets Publicity Even Though it Doesn't Know the Alphabet

This bookstore can't even alphabetize its books and it gets a write up in the Daily News.

I am all for independant bookstores (believe me), but these guys didn't get the memo. Hey guys, here's what it said: "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz". How hard is it?


Unknown said...

Yeah. I do think its cool that they have all these Greek books. (Is the Greek section alphabetized in Greek?) But I'm getting sick of not being able to find anything. I called ahead once on my way home from work - headed for vacation - to see if they had a book I really wanted. They did. I went there and thier own staff said they had many copies in inventory, but they just couldn't find them. They just sort of shrugged it off. Like "oh well, isn't that funny?".

Luckily, the place I went to on vacation had a decent independant bookstore who had it.

It's like we need a petition drive or something.

Unknown said...

Heh. The thing is that its his business. He's allowed to run it into the ground it he pleases.

That said, he may respond if enough people (read: potential customers) make a few basic requests. Mine would be alphabetizing and general organization.

Anonymous said...

BTW, you got the alphabet wrong there. I think it goes xyz

Unknown said...

heh. Excellent. Thanks!

mia said...

last time I was in there I found a couple books on LIC and Astoria. A food book (something like "eating your way through queens")... I know there was at least one Astoria-specific history book. Maybe your request was heard afterall!
yeah... this alphabet of ours... it isn't overrated.
Maybe it is in Greek alphabetical order?
(wishful, I know)

Unknown said...

"Eating Like Queens". I'll do a review soon. It's okay.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Holy crapola...the "abcd..." thing is the funniest shiz I read ALL DAY today. I'm dying of giggles!!!!

Anonymous said...

there have any greek books?

Laby[big & tall suits]