Monday, April 17, 2006

Spa Week

Today I learned that this week is Spa Week in NYC (4/17-23). This means that each spa treatment you go for this week - at participating spas - is $50. Sometimes this a super savings! It's worth checking out. Two Astoria/LIC spas are participating, the Bare Beauty Laser Hair Removal spa on 23rd Ave. in Astoria and the SpaHydra on 36th Street in LIC. I can't vouch for the quality of these spas, but it's nice to see that some spas in Western Queens are participating. Of course there are lots of spas in Manhattan and some in Brooklyn (and even a couple on Staten Island and LI!). The sucky thing about the website is that they make you register. I registered, so here is the link that might work for you if you want to search for some spas that will provide what you're looking for, without having the register.

Enjoy, and get yourself all pampered (you too, guys) on the relative cheap!


Unknown said...

ahh yes, pampering. this seems like the perfect excuse to try out one of these places!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post! wish I had read it earlier.
I made an appointment at Bare Beauty for tomorrow night!