Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Agnanti with friends

What a fun and delicious meal! If you are in the Astoria park area and your belly starts a rumbling- head on over to Agnanti and you won't be dissapointed.
We were hoping for some outside seating, but because our party was so large it just wasn't feasible. I think we ended up at around 14 or so after all the stragglers came and went! This cute little almost parkside Greek restaurant has quite a selection of smaller plates great for sharing. Since there were so many of us and such a large menu- Laura and i just went down the list and tried to get a good variety of plates for us all. It became a huge tasting party! Because i was so enamored by the place and food, my usual nazi photographer style was lost. I don't think i got pics of food at all!
But here is what i remember us having anyway... we got a dip platter to start us off with Taramosalata-carp roe spread, Tzantziki-yogurt, cucumber, mild garlic and dill dip, Tyrokafteri-spicy cheese spread, and that other one with the garlicky mashed potatoes. Also a large greek salad that was delicious huge chunks of tomoatoes and cucumbers and onions with the feta on the side in a huge slab, yum!

Here come the plates: Grilled Octopus, Kolokythokeftedes Mykonos- Zucchini and cheese croquets, Greek Sausage with orange or leeks, Mushrooms Kalitsounia -homemade dough wrapped around mushrooms and herbs, Pastroumali-thinly sliced dried pressed beef and cheese wrapped in phyllo, Sigar Bourek -fried homemade dough-rolls stuffed with a variety of cheeses, Bourek- thinly rolled pastry stuffed with chopped meat that i discovered was lamb (i don't do lamb), Sardeles- imported grilled sardines, Soutzoukakia- ground meat balls with spices, cooked in tomato sauce, and another plate of meatballs with a yogurt sauce that was also lamb.

I'm probably missing something but even if i weren't, this definitley looks like enough! I must say that everything i tasted was great. Other then mistakenly biting into the lamb bourek, i was completely satisfied. The sausage had such a different kind of seasoning, the orange flavor added a really cool twist to it. The little mushroom packets were to die for and they are on my list for seconds when i return. Also the pastroumali reminded me of a dainty calzone with oozing cheezy goodness. Jonathan suggested the sardines (which Laura and i were happy about) and they were a hit! Michelle and Cathy for their first time tried them and i think we have converts to the "tastes better then it smells" club!

Find them at the end of Ditmars @ the Park (19th St)
19-06 Ditmars Boulevard
Astoria, NY 11105
Tel. 718.545.4554

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear. We're headed there tonight.

You forgot to mention that it was an Astoria outsider Alexis all the way from JaxHghts who keyed you to the restaurant -