Thursday, June 29, 2006

Two words...

Thats really all i can say about this sammich, it rocked my world...
These guys never cease to amaze me, tonight we do the Italian thingie, wish me luck!
Keep up the yums boys!!!!
Sal, Chris & Charlie Deli
33-12 23rd Ave. near the overpass
(718) 278-9240)
And if you're thinking i'm overdoing the sandwich posts then you must have never had one of these bad boys, they just compel you to shout out their greatness to the world.


Jenn~*Firelight Jewelry*~ said...

that's the biggest sammich i have ever seen. it looks like you have to be able to unhinge your jaw to fit it in your mouth.

Annie said...

YAY sandwiches! Nice job, Floozie: to convey the overabundant glory of a phat sammich is a true art form! I can't wait to search these dudes out!

Anonymous said...

"the Bomb" is too much...mixing italian and "american" meats just doesn't work.

Stay with the Italian combo, or the pastrami is really delicious. Turkey is amazing, and so is the roast beef. Also, sharp provolone makes everything better.

Unknown said...

i stand behind liking the bomb. i went and had the italian combo... didn't love it. it kinda tasted like one big spicy hunk of meat. the bomb on the other hand has so many yummy flavors all at once. i guess it just depends on your preference! Oh how i love that i finally found these guys!!!!!

megc said... provolone sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Delicious! I'm craving for this.

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