Monday, June 26, 2006

Ditmars street fair this past weekend

Fried goodies
Originally uploaded by flooznyc.
You can see by the makeshift sign that Oreos are all the rage in fried food! I had to gt my zeppole on and couldn't bring myself to trying the Oreos...maybe next time?


Jason said...

You're not missing anything. They're a mushy mess and actually take away from the taste of the Oreo.

I live a block away from the fair. When we moved in three years ago, we were very excited about checking it out. Then we realized that the food is pretty much total crap. (Except for the Zeppoles, of course.

Unknown said...

you know, i kinda agree on the quality of the food. i bought a sausage and peppers for my boyfriend at home, i was surprised it was only $5. after getting home and eating it, i knew why it was so cheap. but there is just something about fair food, the draw... i gotta always try!

Anonymous said...

I'm a current Astorian and former Minnesotan and was CONVINCED until I saw this photo that the Minnesota State Fair was the one and only home of fried oreos...can't believe I missed them.