Friday, August 04, 2006

Astoria Weekend Edition 04.08.06

Well, as you know, power issues are still in the forefront of many of our minds here in Western Queens. Worry about the power possibly going out has changed our behavior: we now unplug unused appliances, find public airconditioned spaces, and wait to buy groceries. This weekend should be much cooler, and if the power doesn't go out, perhaps a good time to go stock the fridge again, as I haven't heard news of a heatwave slamming us any time soon. If it does stay hot, though, and you've lost power, consider finding a cooling center this weekend. Other ways to stay cool and relaxed this weekend:

Icy drinks! This town is full of greek cafes serving frapp├ęs. The girls at Alpha Astoria have the info.

More traditional cafes: Freeze Peach is serving iced drinks, from traditional iced teas (turkish to peppermint supreme) and coffees, to limonata and peach tree (a tea/cider combo). Wassi, a newish cafe on 28th Ave near 38th Street is a great place to have an iced drink (with free wifi!). There's also Waltz on Ditmars, and they're having music both Friday and Saturday nights. Can't forget Communitea in LIC, too.

Hellgate Social also serves up a wonderful Hellgate Lemonade, very refreshing.

Museums are also great places to spend a few air conditioned hours away. The Long Island City Cultural Alliance has a nice site with links to the local museums, including PS1, The Noguchi Museum, and the Fischer Landau Center for Art. And if you want to hang outdoors at a museum, both PS1 (Warmup is this Saturday) and Socrates Sculpture Park can deliver.

I would have suggested the Astoria Pool, but be aware...

Consider getting out that stress from the frustration of low power or no power with yoga at Socrates on Saturday morning and tai chi on Sunday. Both are free. If you want to run off your frustration, consider registering for Sunday's 5K run sponsored by the Federation of Italian-American Organizations of Queens, Inc. It will be held at FIAO Soccer Field (20th Avenue and 33rd Street). $20 to register the day of the race. Call 718-204-2444 for more information.

Or, head over to the Water Taxi Beach for some food and drink, (less harsh) sun and sand, and relaxing.

Finally, as a sign of summer normalcy, the latest in the series of summer street fairs happens this weekend, too, by the Hellenic Orthodox Traditionalist Church (26th St. from 23rd Ave. to the Amtrak Trestles). Mmmmm...salty, sweet, and greasy street food...

As for me, I'll be in sunny Southern California for a week, visiting family and Disneyland! Hopefully it will be less hot, and certainly less humid. Have a great week, everyone!

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