Thursday, August 03, 2006

Still black...

Well i guess it comes and goes these days huh? Yesterday had me in a tizzy! We lost power from about 10am to 7pm last night-not fun. I'm sure noone is surprised by the lack of entries in here these days, unfortunatley i don't want to turn on my computer at home so i have to try to sneak in some surf time while at work. I am keeping the faith that all will be rectified sooner then later and we wont have to worry about stocking the fridge anymore. ***crosses fingers***
plus • people have been getting there reimbursement checks pretty quickly
minus • cold stone creamery on 31st and ditmars has apparently fallen from the weight of the blacouts
plus • we can go voice our anger in person, tonight @ 6:00 p.m. PS 234 (30-15 29th Street)
minus • has astoria pool gone to crap? read up here
and to end on a plusFresh Direct has acknowledged our little issue and decided to try to help out in their own little way! i appreciate it-but i hope they keep it going for a little while longer because i know i'm not ready to risk a full fridge just yet. Free delivery

A few posts back, Meg had put up the "I was Conned" pic from the Gothamist. One of our readers and fellow blogger Zip decided he just needed to pass that on. So he redesigned it and made it into stickers and has been passing them along throughout the city! They can be found in all sorts of random places like ConEd trucks, light posts, subway cars etc. Keep your peepers peeled, let me know if you've spotted any!

Stay cool neighbors, conserve your electricity ~ we'll be a-ok! ***fingers still crossed***

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