Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Astorian Weekend Edition 11.08.06

So after last week's bad vibes at the Astoria pool (19th Street and 24th Avenue) , i thought it might be a good thing to try to show the better side of the place. Today, from 11am - 1pm there will be this summer's last installment of "Special Swim" for peeps 55 and up and also those with disabilities. There will be lessons, activites and of course keeping cool!

Saturday is calling for nice cool weather-why not get out and enjoy it! Head over to Hallets Cove for one or both sessions (10-11:30am & 2-3:30pm) of Coastal Classroom and learn about preserving our water resources and all kinds of cool nature facts. Call 212-360-2748 to register or for more information.

Fellow Astorian blogger Miss O, is trying to get her "teacher on" with a fundraiser for a local elementary school's library. I had to go on and donate - made my day! Maybe you can help too.

Speaking of books- I know Astoria has Seaburn, but for some time now locals have been complaining of the lack of good/more bookstores in the area. Well you heard it here folks, there's serious talk of something in the works! Joy of joys, we may just see some alternative book buying options pop into the neighborhood yet. Keep your eyes peeled.

Sunday brings us another installment of our famous NY street fairs! Head over to Steinway St. between 28th & 34th Avenues... try not to overdo it on the sweets!
While your in the area - EVERYONE reading this should go out for a nice Sunday night dinner and support our local restaurants that suffered and some who still continue to suffer from the ConEd fiasco! Stop in to see Ali at Kabob Cafe as he just got some new equipment and is on the road to getting back on his feet. I will probably be there myself, can't get enough of his delicious Egyptian goodness. Tons of wonderful places in our town for a bite-this is the time to show them some love.

As always, get your Queens info over at about.com

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Miss O said...

Thank you to everyone who donates!

Miss O