Friday, February 16, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 16.02.07

Happy Post-Valentine's Day weekend! I hope you had a nice V-Day, regardless of your status (single or coupled). I know many Astorians who had a nice evening with friends and lovers...anniversaries were celebrated, friendships sustained, and lots of chocolate was eaten. I, myself, enjoyed Hershey's Kisses filled with caramel, given to me by my guy. Check your local CVS or Eckerd for the half-off chocolate this weekend! Temps should be above freezing, too, thank goodness.

My friend Tamara will be holding a wine tasting at Best of Broadway Wine shop (Broadway between 34th and 35th Streets) this Friday from 5-8pm. It's free! While you're in the neighborhood, stop by Le Petit Prince for some great bread or dessert. Later that night you can head over to the Tantra Lounge for their Brazilian Carnival Weekend Celebration (they're celebrating all weekend!). DJs abound, with Happy Hour from 5-9pm.

Remember Wassi, that cafe-turned-lounge on 28th Ave? It closed and opened up as the World News Cafe (37-05 28th Avenue). This weekend the Progressive Muslim Meetup group is meeting there, and they are showing Spike Lee's film, Malcom X. If you self-identify as a progressive Muslim, go ahead and RSVP. Curious as to what a "progressive Muslim" is? You can find out here. By the way, the cafe is hiring.

On the food discovery front, I've been hearing very good things about the burgers and grilled cheese at Sparrow, which finally opened their kitchen a couple weeks ago. I like the feel of Sparrow a lot; they have great beer, a few nice wines, and an unpretentious vibe. Muncan Foods (43-09 Broadway) has also come to my attention, with tempting visions of Eastern European sausages and bacon running rampant in my mind; I will visit soon. And speaking of pork products, the Beer Garden is holding their annual PorkFest. It goes through the weekend, but Sunday is the day with music and dance performances. Go and enjoy a panoply of pork products and boffo beer! And for you vegans/vegetarians, news on the street is that a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant is going to open very soon on 30th Ave. We'll keep you posted here.

More fun, here.

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