Monday, February 05, 2007

East River Tributaries: Hallets Cove

Great article on Hallets Cove over on Waterwire. An excerpt:
Only a few intrepid water lovers have dipped their toes into Hallets Cove in recent decades. Stalwart anglers never stopped throwing their lines into this Queens waterway from the bulkhead running alongside Vernon Boulevard, a promenade running under the Astoria Houses to the northern side of the cove and the rocky slopes of Socrates Sculpture Park to the south. But pollution including floatable debris, and inexperience with the water, have discouraged generations of New Yorkers from taking advantage of the easy pedestrian access from Vernon Boulevard to explore the cove.

But lately the neighborhoods of Astoria and Ravenswood are reawakening to the potential of this quiet curve of water.

Makes me want to learn more about this wonderful little spot, and check it out in person!


Darla said...

Hey, have you been able to pop in to the new coffee house on Steinway? I'd like to know if it could, at the very least, give Starbucks something to worry about!

Unknown said...

I've always wished that Hallets Cove was nice and clean. It would be fun to walk down there on a summer day and just hang around on the beach.

conoscenti said...

I didn't know how to comment to y'all, but I think this blog rules. On my walk home this morning, I noticed the new starbucks clone ESPARKS on Steinway. It's kind of weird but nice i guess... Also, they closed the hotdog place on 30th and Steinway...sad sad sad.

28th and 42nd

megc said...

Hey Tom, thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoy the blog. Sad about Manos Papaya - do you know why it closed? I need to check out Esparks, too. Stove is in your area, too, I think, and have heard great things about it.