Thursday, February 15, 2007

Remembering Warmer Days

Remember the blackout? Of course you do! It was the longest power outage in the history of New York City! In fact, I was just talking with a woman the other day about the blackout, while it was so friggin' cold outside. The latest news from the Queens Gazette:
Citing a television news report that Con Edison field crews were "clearly aware" of the seriousness of last summer's power blackout soon after it started, Assemblymember Michael Gianaris has renewed his call for the giant utility's management to be held accountable for what occurred afterward.

Referring to the material shown by WABCTV last Friday evening, Gianaris said, "These tapes make clear that Con Edison knew on the first day of the blackout that more people were affected than it was reporting.

"Con Edison management recklessly endangered the lives of Western Queens residents by releasing figures that were absurdly low, and they must be held accountable for this outrageously irresponsible behavior."
More, here.

Following the long power outage, Gianaris formed a state Assembly Task Force that investigated what he described as the failures of the huge utility and the PSC during the Western Queens blackout. The task force, comprised of energy industry experts, issued its findings last month, identifying needed improvements for both Con Ed and the PSC. To obtain a copy of the report, contact Gianaris' office at 718-545-3889.
I'm going to call and get my copy for sure.

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