Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Come one come all

So there has been talk coming out of the Fatty's (25-01 Ditmars) camp for some time now on a new wine bar opening up next door to them. Well it seems like the day has finally come. Crescent and Vine invites all of us to head over there tomorrow night Weds May 16 for their grand bash. Here's what they had to say:

Hey guys...
In case you didnt hear, C & V is now officially open!
Its beautiful inside, european beer and wine, right next door to Fattys...please come and check it out and join us for a devine wine or draft beer!
We are having the official opening tomorrow night (wed) around 8 or 9ish...sierra beer sponsering so come down and have a wee swallie with us!

Good times!

Here's to new Astorian ventures!


Unknown said...

I went to this place Saturday night, (June 9th) and I was VERY disappointed.

The bartender was extremely rude and unprofessional. Not only did he take from me the beer glass I had yet to finish, he filled it right back up! As a 10 year veteran of the restaurant business, a bartender DOES NOT re-use the same glass, be it scotch, wine, brandy, what have you... a new glass is always used. Did I do something wrong other than order a five dollar pint of pilsner?
If that weren't bad enough, when I slid my $10 dollar bill toward the edge of the bar as in saying, "I'm ready to pay", he gruffly took it and, without saying thank you or even looking me in my eye, tossed my change in my general direction; it almost went on the floor.

I will never go here again as long as I live in Astoria, and will continue to spread the word about the horrid service.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Wow! I am a regular at C&V. That place is great! Everyone is friendly and its a great atmosphere. I know the bartender and he is not like that at all. Which leaves me with a few conclusions to this comment:

1)You were acting like a prick and deserved to be treated like a prick.

2)You own a competing bar/lounge and are trying to badmouth your competition.


3)You're just a hater.

My guess is scenario 1!

Have a glass of wine and shut the f*ck up!


Unknown said...

Or, maybe John really had a bad experience, like he said. I mean, I wasn't there, but neither were you, so why assume and be insulting? Live and let live.