Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ice Cream in Astoria

So, it's getting warmer, which means (screams?) ICE CREAM to me. I love the stuff. Ice cream and gelato and sorbet and sherbet and frozen yogurt, I love. it. all. The other day I made some ice cream and it was a great success; I'll make more, too. But sometimes I just like to go out for it. I'm sure you do too.

The other night I was down at Martha's Bakery (37th And Ditmars) scoping out their gelato offerings. Right now they have a lot less of a selection of flavors than they did last year, but the flavors they do have are just great - hazelnut, mint chip, dulce de leche, strawberry, lemon ice, to name a handful. It runs about $3.25 a scoop. Yow. Kind of pricey, but it was worth it when I wanted it.

La Guli Bakery up the street (Ditmars and 29th) also has gelato in classic flavors (I love the La Guli Chocolate, which has caramel in it). I haven't been down there to price it, but it usually runs around a couple dollars for a scoop. I also like their hazelnut gelato, and they have delicious italian ices. Terrizi Pastry Shop (30th Ave near 36th Street) also has gelato, which is supposed to be very good.

JIA friend Zora told flooz and me the other day about the presence of Ciao Bella gelato in the neighborhood, sold by the scoop. This is exciting! You can get it at the New Town Coffee House on 31st Street just north of 30th Ave. It's a mere $1.95 a scoop. She also passed on some news that I had already been given, about ice cream coming to a new sweet shop opening up on Ditmars. But the new bit of info is that the ice cream will be made by a local NYC company (I'll withold the name for now). I've been guaranteed that it's really good!

As far as more mass-produced stuff, there are plenty of Baskin Robbins in town. Cold Stone Creamery is on Broadway. Igloo on 31st Street near the Ditmars train station serves Sedutto ice cream and that weird All-Star Burger is set to have Hershey's Ice Cream available, but who knows if they will stick around, what with the awful McDonalds just a few doors down. Oh, and I can't not mention Uncle Louie G's ice cream, on 38th Street right off of Broadway.

And if all else fails, there's always Mister Softee!


Unknown said...
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Obe said...

Is that local NYC company 5 boroughs ice cream?

Anonymous said...

I love vanilla ice cream there.

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