Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Around Town

Boy is it a hot day! It's been steamy all morning, and I've been outside, so it's nice to be home in the a/c before I have to head out in a bit. One way I've found to beat the heat is to drink lots of liquids, preferably cold ones. I've got the water on to heat up for tea, which I prepare in a very large mason jar. Three tea bags seems to be enough, I let it steep then put it in the fridge. Keeps me hydrated with some variety, as drinking just plain water gets a little boring for me all the time. I'm going to brew some "Thai Delight", an herbal tea I discovered via my housemate. It tastes a bit like thai iced tea when you put milk/soy in it.

While walking home, I discovered that Alba's Pizza (37th Street and Ditmars) serves pizza with a whole wheat crust by request. The other place in town that does that is Pizza Palace (31st and Ditmars), but there's been chatter that their pizza has really gone downhill. Plus they are truly annoying with that whole "freedom fries" crap. WTF???

Oleput (Ditmars and 32nd) is a fantastic new sweet shop in town. It's the brainchild of the guys behind Sparrow, my favorite bar in town. They sell Mary's Dairy ice cream, and make it into wonderful shakes ($4.50). They have the most magical pies in NY, Briermere pies, as well as baked goods from Tomcat bakery. They also have some homemade stuff. More delicious offerings of the savory sort are coming as well. Sooz and I checked it out last week and we both said thumbs up! Stay tuned for more talk about it, plus more pictures!

Stamatis has been working on their new building across the street from their current one (23rd Ave between 31st and 29th streets) for many months, and it's finally looking like an actual restaurant! I've peeked in while walking by and it looks really nice. Am looking forward to checking it out when it opens.

More to come!


NATALIE said...

yeah for the Alba's mention!!! they have the best pizza in town :)

Brian Dailey said...

Portobello's, in the shopping plaza on Ditmars and 44th, also has wheat pizza.