Thursday, June 21, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 21.06.07

This is the week of the Summer Solstice, and what better way to celebrate the longest day of the year but at Socrates Sculpture Park! Their Summer Solstice Celebration happens on Thursday (the day of the actual Solstice), June 21, 5pm to sunset (around 9pm). There will be lots of activities - artmaking workshops, live music to listen to (salsa and Andean), face painting, and great food provided by local restaurants. Be assured, there will be something for everyone. I'll be there enjoying the time with friends. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the fabulous sunset over Manhattan. What a great way to welcome in summer!

Now, I've talked about ice cream before, but there are some new contenders in the Ditmars area. Martha's Bakery, on the corner of 37th Street and Ditmars, until recently sold a scoop of gelato for a little over $3.00. However, the new nut shop just next door to them, is now offering Hershey's ice cream for $2.50 a scoop. So, Martha's has lowered their prices to $1.75 a scoop. Fabulous! Also, there's been talk about ice cream being offered at the new sweet shop - called Oleput (that's Tupelo backwards) opening up (Ditmars and 32nd Street). Plus, La Guli (Ditmars between 31st and 29th Streets) makes darn good gelato for just $2.00 a scoop. So, get your ice cream on this weekend!

This weekend also brings us the Opening Day Celebration at PS1. From noon-6pm on Sunday there will be a wide variety of exhibitions by an inter-generational selection of artists. Warm-Up is coming soon, too!

Looking for love? There's a singles meetup at the Museum of the Moving Image this Friday! Admission is free on Fridays from 4-8pm; the meetup starts at 6:45pm. The AMMI is showing more horror films this weekend, too, including The Hills Have Eyes and The Host. And on the subject of movies, the Water Taxi Beach presents the second part of their Food Film Festival. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, they are showing a selection of shorts on the subject of food. There will be hot dogs, sausages, and chicken, plus a hot dog eating contest on Thursday night. The films are free; they recommend you buy some of the food in advance, though..

And while it's not Astoria-based, I want to mention the Mermaid Parade happening this Saturday. Since Astroland got sold, people are anticipating this parade, on its 25th anniversary, to be the last one. Check it out if you can!

More fun, here.


Brian Dailey said...
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Brian Dailey said...

I just wanted to point out that Martha's still charges 3.25 for gelator. They apparently have only two flavors of ice cream (vanilla and chocolate) for $1.75. Their sign is highly decieving (I went in based on the sign, and still got charged the $3.25).

La Guli's indeed sells gelato for $2, and the nice part is that you get a cone as well!

Martha's is great, but, boy, they sure are high on everything.

Pabo76 said...

Just wanted to let y'all know that today is also "Make Music New York!" The entire city including Astoria will play host to over 560 musical performances. For the entire list check out Time Out NY.

If you check out "Astoria," as your hood of choice, you'll find a number of different events listed including a Block Party on 34th St, between 28th and 30th Aves.

Enjoy your summer solstice!

megc said...

Thanks brian and pabo for the tips! That really sucks about Martha's and I agree their board is deceptive advertising. Crap. Even though the Hershey's is a little sweet, they do have classic flavors, and they give you a decent sized scoop. And yep, La Guli is fab - love their hazelnut especially!

pabo, I heard part of the Make Music NY yesterday, off 30th Avenue. Such a nice event.