Monday, June 18, 2007

Did i miss this?

Walking along Ditmars last week i saw this place looking shuttered.
Is it new or is it on its way out? I don't walk the block much but i could have sworn this wasn't there very long ago.

Any info my well informed friends? I love me some sushi and other then JJ's over on 31st ave and Watawa on Ditmars, we are still alittle lacking in "good" japanese.

~p.s. for takeout i am in love with the fun rolls at Kumo


paige worthy said...

It's brand new! But seriously, it's the third sushi/Japanese place within a three block radius…can we get a little VARIETY!

Matt said...

Yeah, as stated above... it's new. Hasn't opened yet. Variety, indeed. When I saw them working on the space, I joked that it would either be a Japanese place or a nail place. Turns out I was right.

Unknown said...

i hear you on the proximity thing, but what are the odds that 1) it will be any good and 2) that it will last a year?

i say lets see what happens

thanks for the lowdown matt and paige!

Lobber said...

There is also Japanese place called Wasabi on Ditmars, and two Thai places on 31st street (between Ditmars and 21st). Wave Thai is the better one, But do we really need all of these similar restaurants 2 doors away from each other? Pretty soon there will be another Starbucks (ugh).

Unknown said...

Joey - thanks for the great service. But PLEEEAAASE, give addresses for all these great places you mention.

Thanks, Emma

Unknown said...

oopsie, the addy is 35-15 Ditmars!

and lobber, i agree that things are getting alittle crowded with the same kind of places. seems like astoria has an issue with leaving well enough alone! can't have just 1 nail place, $.99, cafe or bank on any given street, no that would make sense!

- Go Wasabi.... would rather it go bye bye.
- Wave Thai is delicious and no other Thai need open anywhere near there i agree. never been to Thai Elephant but the placement of it really is/was silly huh?
- please please please, no more starbucks!

PhillR said...

Actually what we really need is a couple more starbucks. The one on Ditmars is too crowded and poorly laid out. One on Ditmars and Steinway would be ideal. I would frequent the freeze peach more often, however I generally dont have 20 minutes to wait for a cup of coffee.

PhillR said...

Also, my hope is that Sakura is actually GOOD. Watawa is just barely passable, and I am really disappointed in their service. My friends and I have been going there often, sometimes multiple a week since they opened and they never recognize us or offer a genuine hello.

megc said...

I also hope Sakura is good. Can't agree with ya there about another Starbucks, though.

Unknown said...

I guess I'm one of the few who thinks Thai Elephant is better than Wave Thai. Wave Thai has a pretty cool set-up, but I think the food at Thai Elephant is tastier - and that's all that matters to me!

openmediaframework said...

Sorry if I leave two comments, the first one didn't seem to post.
What I said is I also prefer Thai Elephant to Wave Thai.

Sakura will have to be really, really good to survive though between Kumo and Watawa. It would be nice to have another kind of Japanese food place on the block aside from a bunch of sushi places.

megc said...

I've tried Thai Elephant and Wave Thai, and prefer Wave to the Elephant. Just a simple preference, though. From what I can tell, there are dedicated fans of both. So, nice to have them both! Here's hoping Sakura will be awesome! :)