Thursday, June 28, 2007

More Around Town

Bistro 33 got their liquor license, huzzah! This is not an easy feat, as we saw in the case of Crescent and Wine's struggle. Anyway, Bistro 33 now offers a full selection of beer, wine, sake and cocktails. I hear the sushi is pretty fabulous, so it's great to be able to have sake with it. Also they will be accepting credit cards soon, within the week. I've heard rave reviews of the place, so I look forward eating there soon.

Kristees, a lovely boutique clothing shop on 23rd Avenue and 24th Street is hosting a wine & cheese party this Friday evening! This is in celebration of July 4 coming early to Astoria, with big band music and fireworks in Astoria Park on that same night, as flooz mentions below. So, on your way to the park, stop in KrisTees - they would love to see you!

I've also been reading some good reviews of Valverde, a new Italian restaurant at 36th Ave and Steinway. Looks like they were a catering company before, and now are branching out to a regular restaurant. I hope to stop by before too long.


Jennifer said...

Been to Valverde several times now - Very very good food and excellent service!

Unknown said...

This is a Great little spot!

To please my vegetarian/vegan palate Valverde, himself, offer to cooked an exquisite pasta full of vegetables, pistachios, and mushrooms. I was complemented with a dish of sliced organic tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, delicately adorned with FRESH basil leaves, and I mean FRESH because there were taken from one of the basil plants that serve as part of the décor.
The artisan bread –made on the premises- is phenomenal.

And not only the food, but also everything about this place makes sense. The décor is elegant and subtle, the beer and wine selection caught my eye, and even the take out bags are gorgeous!

josh said...

I haven't gone to the lovely boutique clothing shop on 23rd Avenue and 24th Street , but I hope to go soon, because I think it is a good place...

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