Saturday, July 07, 2007

Kabab Cafe Finally Re-opening!

Via JIA friend Zora on Chowhound:

Straight from the horse's mouth: the long dry spell is over! Ali will be back in the kitchen [today]. (I think the super-auspicious date is a coincidence?)

He has done some major revamping of his kitchen, due to perpetual hassle from the fire-code people, so expect some new stuff on the menu.

This is great news! I've had some terrific meals there and look forward to returning for more. Kabob Cafe is on Steinway near exotic 25th Avenue.

Photo credit: flooz!


Harlan said...


Unknown said...

ok, im in for dinner- anyone else?!?!?! hope to see all of astoria there :)

NativeNYer said...
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Unknown said...

delicious as usual :)
not big changes- air conditioner was pumping so thats a good thing. he's on a limited menu right now just to get back in the swing of things but so far so good. great seeing the old guy!

Unknown said...

Please, please, please post addresses for these venues. Thank you for all your work.

Unknown said...

i know its here somewhere since we've written about Ali alot:

Kabab Cafe
25-12 Steinway St
Steinway and 25th.
Astoria, NY 11103

Unknown said...

Hi Emma -
We've got Steinway & 25th Av in the last line of the posting.

megc said...

I wrote the original post. "Steinway near 25th Avenue" is accurate and enough, I think. Astoria is actually somewhat simple in its street layout, so with a locator of "Street near Avenue", it's clear. What wouldn't be clear is if "Avenue" or "Street" or "Road" or whatever is left off. Then it gets confusing.

paige worthy said...

Exotic 25th Avenue. Oh, you people slay me.

megc said...

"Exotic" only because it's kind of hidden! And do you notice that it exists as kind of a ghost between Astoria Blvd and 28th Ave, above Steinway? Starting at 28th Ave, the addresses start at 24-. Halfway (or so), the first numbers of the addresses start with.... 25-!!!