Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Race is on!

Astoria has a team in the Mongol Rally. Check it out, insanity!

These guys get props from me for sure for even attempting this crazy race. They start the trek July 21st so get in on the fundraising action anytime before then at some of our favorite bars- The Irish Rover Sunday the 8th (37-18 28th Ave), The Quays (4502 30th Ave) and the Glen Oaks Friday the 6th (36-16 3oth Avenue).

Team MTA has just purchased their lovely chariot (a 17yr old VW Polo) and are just about ready to take off.

Check in on the website to keep up with their progress and to donate to their charities Mercy Corps and Send a Cow (gotta love it!)

Be safe racers, Astoria supports you!

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Team MTA said...

Thanks so much for posting this for us! The three events have gone off and were fantastic successes raising over 2600 dollars for the team and charity! Thanks again.

-Team MTA