Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Make Sure Your JIA is the Real Thing

Who is this Sara?
Joeyinastoria v2?
I was adding things to my google reader today and came upon this gem.
Who said imitation is the best form of flattery?
I just think its plain weird...

us :)
them :(
what do you know about this, anyone?


Zora said...

Clearly: a hilariously crude attempt at Internet marketing on the part of the owners of Grand Cafe.

I like the use of the word "ethnic." The guy is clearly at work over on Alpha Astoria too, where his comments as "anonymous" seem a little too preoccupied with the place not really being ethnically Greek. (Even though it does serve frappes--duh.)

Maybe feel flattered that your blog name is well enough known that it could be misused this way. Better than it being hijacked for a porn site, no?

Unknown said...

OMG, of course! Now that you said that it seems so obvious. Duh.

It is pretty funny that we're popular enough to warrant a spoof.

brianstarke said...

It's a splogger, they do this all the time

southernroutes said...

That's too funny/creepy. The dead giveaway was someone living in Astoria (or even moving here at all) and complaining that it was too "ethnic." That and the "Manhattanites and alot of good looking people" comment. What, was the real estate too expensive in W'msburg?