Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 09.08.06

There's music at the park on Thursday, The Glenn Miller Orchestra will be over near Shore Blvd. and the river. Come after work and bring a blanket and some munchies- it starts at 7:30pm For more info: call (718) 728-7820 or visit

Friday, Recycle-A-Bicycle's Summer Ride Club is in effect! Come and learn some urban cycling skills like traffic maneuvering (this should be handy for us city folk). This is an early one, 10am-3pm at their training center at the corner of 46 Ave. and 5th St. for more info:

Saturday is Children's Day at Queensbridge Park (41st Ave and Vernon Blvd). From noon-3pm, kids can learn to ride their bikes and just hang out and enjoy the day. There will be picnicking at 3pm to maximize the socializing! Sponsored by Queensbridge Park Committee

Summer is definitely still here by the looks of Steinway on Sunday- yet another Street Fair! We love those :) Catch it between 28th and 34th Avenues.

Saturdays and Sundays in August are filled with art at Socrates (Broadway at Vernon Blvd.) with the FLOAT installation. It's a biennial series of time-based and ephemeral works installed and performed throughout the Park- they've got it all- live music and art.

If the hunger strikes, try the new Valverde (corner of Steinway and 36th Ave) for some fresh Mediterranean flavors. I got all this delivered for $45 and 2 people were super satisfied.

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