Monday, August 27, 2007

The Neighborhood Has Eyes

Sometimes I walk home behind the newish Staples in the Ditmars neighborhood. It's a most unusual street in Astoria, in that it has a wonderful bit of landscaping that basically cuts the street into two parts. It's extremely pedestrian friendly, and is even accessible, with a path winding up the lower part to the upper part. It's friendly to dog walkers, too, but someone is abusing the space and not picking up the poo their dog leaves behind. The neighbors are aware and have posted up some signs alerting the irresponsible pet owner that they know he/she is neglecting their duty, and offering to help find a solution. There are even plastic bags supplied, hanging there on the fence. Here are pictures of the signs:

I hope the dog owner cleans up their act! Errant dog poo is totally disgusting.


Tais Moraes said...

Hi Joey!
I'm a journalism grad student at Columbia University and I have to write stories about Astoria for the next ten months. Someone gave me your blog address and I found it very interesting. How can I get in contact with you? My email is taismoraes-at-gmail-dot-com
Thanks in advance!
Tais Moraes

westernqueensland said...

Nice work on the feces police. Part of me wants to war with the lazy poop peeps, but I know only conflict this way lies.

megc said...

Thanks, westernqueensland. It is so exasperating seeing the poop on the sidewalks around town.

Have you seen Bucketman?

megc said...

By the way, check out Miss Heather's post.