Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Brunch’s the Word…

A favorite meal for many, brunch is a special treat we indulge in on the weekends. Astoria offers the perfect setting and with so many options, the biggest problem is deciding where to go. Simple solution: try it all and here are some tempting choices to whet your appetite:

Omonia Café One of the best specials I’ve seen, they offer a $12.95 prix-fix brunch that includes coffee/tea, an entree, their legendary dessert and morning cocktails. 718.274.6650

Ovelia Psistaria
Also a favorite, this hip spot on 30th Avenue offers a mix of modern (American) and traditional (Greek) brunch options. They grind their own sausage and I encourage you to try Yia-Yia’s Omelette—it’s divine. You can brunch for $10-$13 which will get you a coffee/tea, an entree and a morning cocktail. 718.721.7217

Grand Café
Known for their $11 prix-fix brunch special, Grand draws in a lot of Astorians—especially the young crowd. Make sure you get there early to get a good table but even if you get stuck waiting a bit, it won’t be long—the service is incredibly fast. I recommend trying the Caprese Frittata. 718.777.7321

Flo Café - I recently spied their brunch special and it looked yummy. It’s interesting that they offer a nicely diversified menu and I like having the option of getting a breakfast burrito or a penne a la vodka. Prices range from $6 for scrambled eggs and $10.50 for a spinach and gorgonzola salad. The coffee/tea is complimentary but if you'd like a morning cocktail, be prepared to pay extra. 718.204.6096

Soho Cafe & Restaurant -
$8.95 for brunch? Who would’ve thunk it? This steal includes coffee/tea and a brunch entree such as french toast, pancakes and even a veggie frittata. The owner's name is Alex and he's eager to feed new brunch guests. 718.274.1740

Give Breakfast a Chance…

Terrizzi Pasticceria – Offers a $5.75 breakfast special, which includes two eggs on a roll with pancetta, provolone and a cappuccino. Try it, take it to go and enjoy a nice breakfast at home. 718.726.9698

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Unknown said...

I like your blog but you never give the addresses of the restaurants you review.

Unknown said...

That's a fair point, John. I've just added a gMap to help you out!


Unknown said...

you forgot about Fatty's on Ditmars with $11 fix prie and Sparrow on 24th ave with a delicious brunch menu as well!

Fooditka said...

Good point Christine, thanks for that addition.

Unknown said...

had brunch today at Omonia!!! Was delicious. thank you for the info! It was perfect and accurate!

Anonymous said...

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