Monday, March 03, 2008

Shake That Thang

Where can you find amazing hookah and boisterous belly dancers on basically every night of the week--and on the weekends? Only in Astoria...

And not only will you find this at Middle Eastern places in "Little Egypt" (Steinway St. between Astoria Blvd and 30th Avenue) a couple of Greek joints are also shimmying their way into your heart.

Check out these spots for some fun belly dancing action--and great food!

Dandana - By far my favorite hangout for belly dancing. Everyone (including men) get off their seats and shake it. Tues, Thurs, Fri at 12a. 718.204.6811

Jour et Nuit - Fridays and Saturdays bring late night belly action at this Moroccan/French eatery--and their tajines are to die for. Fri, Sat at 11p. 718.204.2511

Mezzo Mezzo - Recently added a hookah lounge and a belly dancer, Samantha on Saturdays and revamped their menu. Saturdays at 9p. 718.278.0444

Cavo - This modern Greek restaurant/lounge brings you Arabian Sunday with belly dancer Yasmine. Sundays at 8:30p. 718.721.1001

Be a Belly Dancer--take a class!
New York Sports Clubs Astoria: Thursdays at 10:15a and Sundays at 12:00p Middle Eastern Belly Dancing with instructor Janelle--she's incredibly skilled, patient and gives you the full shimmy experience with authentic music and all. Try it out, you might get hooked.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. I have been taking belly dancing with Janelle for over 2 years now and I love the class. The problem is that it is way too crowded and NYSC refuses to institute a sign-in sheet like they do in their spin classes.

I hope to catch one of the live performances in the 'hood one of these day. Now I know where to go!

Fooditka said...

I agree with you Erin. Those classes do get crowded but Janelle keeps such a great attitude and makes it so fun that I always go.

Anonymous said...

I love that girl! she's good in grooving.

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