Monday, May 26, 2008

The Coffee Bar is Open

The Coffee Bar is finally open! I've been watching this place progress since the sign went up, what, maybe a year ago? Originally it was Zygos Taverna, which served passable, yet uninteresting Cypriot food.

The papers finally came off the windows this weekend, revealing a nice space (I like the wood) with plenty of menu offerings. They serve coffee and tea, bagels (with tofu cream cheese), pasta, sandwiches, salads, smoothies and dessert. They also serve beer! They are in the process of getting wifi, too, so I expect the laptop crowd will soon find this place.

Their hours are 6:30 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week. I would expect them to do well in part because of their amazingly close proximity to the Ditmars station. Hello, convenience. Walk out the front door and you're pretty much at the steps leading up to the train.

If anyone has tried it, let us know in the comments! I expect I'll check them out very soon.

The Coffee Bar
22-55 31st Street
Astoria, NY 11105


Ryan said...
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Ant said...

maybe it seemed, "passable, yet uninteresting Cypriot food" because it wasn't a Cypriot restaurant... but I digress.

megc said...

Hey ant, remind me what it was then? I really did think it was Cypriot food but then again, it was ages ago that I ate there. Don't leave me hanging! ;)

Ant said...

It was just typical greek. The kind of stuff you'd find at Stamitis now... if anything they had some Cretan specials from time to time which is just really overcooked stew.

The √úbereater said...

Hey Ant-

I've been following your blog for a while now, and wanted to quickly post about Aliada at Broadway and 29th. Having heard it was one of the more respectable and consistent spots in your 'hood, I checked it out with high hopes and was quite pleased. I did't order too much, but what Tzatziki and the Kopanisti were plentiful and flavorful, and my salad was every bit of impressive. Great spot. Where else do you recommend in Astoria for midpriced, well-executed Greek/Cypriot eats?

I have a blog of my own at

Check it out!
-The Ubereater

Ant said...

Don't want to steal anyone's thunder. I was just posting -this isn't my blog, it's joey's & co.

That said, Aganti down by Astoria Park and Ditmars Blvd has a very impressive Tzatziki and their selection of Constantinople dishes, Bekri Meze especially, is also something to definitely try.

They've been written up a few times now by the Times, so you have to get there really early or really late for a table.

They've gotten themselves new menus, so with it new prices as well. I feel they've gotten to be more on the high end of mid-priced places now. This is Astoria after all and high end Greek doesn't do well. Case in point, the very short lived Athens Taverna

Dan S. said...

Hello, a Joey in Astoria RSS consumer here. I visited Coffee Bar this morning for the first time.

Service: I arrived early, before the 9-5er rush, so the place was empty. That said, service was swift and friendly.

Food: I ordered 2 egg & cheese on a toasted roll. Roll was a bit too delicate for toasting--it burnt somewhat. Eggs were excellent, a creamy scramble.

Coffee: I ordered a small, black coffee to go. It was a mild blend, of average quality. Better than Dunkin Donuts, but not as good as Starbucks. Curious to try the espresso.

Price was on par for a morning bagel store. I paid about $4.60 for coffee and sandwich. They pack a to go bag as well as the next place.

Anonymous said...

Cool! from what street? I'm excited.

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