Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Laziza Update

I just read a post on that has relaxed my concerns:

I stopped by Laziza yesterday, and was reassured that it is NOT closing - whether or not the building is for sale. The guy I spoke with seemed like either an owner or manager (I didn't actually ask). He mentioned that 90% of the news is lies I shouldn't believe as well as the information online about Laziza closing. He also pointed out the many upgrades they've been doing on the place as proof they intend to be there a long while.

I will stop in soon and ask, too. The idea of Laziza closing is very sad to me, so this news makes me feel better.


Jen Rock said...

I was there Monday night and it was live and kickin' with busy crowds! Granted it was celebration time for Ramadan, but at the very least, they are not lacking for customers!

Pabo76 said...

I stopped in last Friday after and asked the dude working there what was up about their place being sold, and he gave me the craziest look ever, and was like, I have no idea what you're talking about. I probed a bit further and he said they weren't being sold or shutting down.
Let's hope this is the case.

megc said...

Well, I wonder if someone was being a big jerk and made up a bogus ad on Craigslist. That would suck. So happy to get these confirmations of their remaining on Steinway! Thanks, everyone.