Friday, July 10, 2009

Greek Gods Get a Shout-Out

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Today's Tasting Table e-blast, (amongst many other things) made feel feel proud to be an Astorian. Featuring the top three Greek eateries in the 'hood, the e-blast spotlighted some of our local faves such as Ovelia, Elias Corner and Lefkos Pirgos. While I don't agree that Lefkos is the most fabulous dessert place--preferring Artopolis myself--it was nice to see a variety of modern and traditional Greek establishments get a shout-out.

Read up, enjoy and visit these "Greek Gods," as Tasting Table calls them.


Harlan said...

Yeah, I saw that and had the same reaction. Sorta a strange set of places to recommend. Ovelia's pretty good, maybe the best sorta-modern Greek place in Astoria. I'm not a big fish fan, so I've only been to Elias once. I prefer Philoxenia and Agnandi. And I agree that Lefkos' product is not that good, and the service is not that friendly.

megc said...

I really wish Lefkos was a friendlier place. I've been there twice and always have been looked at like I have three heads, then glared at. It's often a WTF experience. I have been curious about the place across the street, which is more like the old Anna's Corner wrt menu items (meaning, a good selection of grilled meats as opposed to all seafood/fish).

Anonymous said...

What are they special menus? we are planning to move there.

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