Thursday, July 16, 2009

Astorian Weekend Edition, 16.07.09

Astoria Park Looking East

Looks like another nice weekend in Astoria. Thursday evening brings plenty of fun things to do in town, from a free wine tasting, to a celebration of pampering, to Green Drinks in LIC, to an evening of style shopping. It's my birthday that day, so I'll be celebrating as well.

This weekend head over to the Sculpture Center (44-19 Purves Street) on Saturday to get your fill of social, cultural, and artistic discussion. Remember that nearby you'll find Dutch Kills Bar (27-24 Jackson Avenue), so head over there to continue the discussion over a cocktail.

And don't forget Astoria's own Musical Saw Festival on the 18th at Trinity Church (31-18 37th Street)

Summer weekends are all about relaxing, so LIC's newly expanded Gantry State Park (behind 47-20 Center Blvd) could be perfect on Sunday for a relaxing afternoon of lazing around. A swim could be fun, too. Or spend the time over on 30th Ave at Ovelia (34-01 30th Ave) sitting outside with a frappe and friends. Il Bambino's new outdoor patio (34-08 31st Ave) is newly open, too.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do!


Krista said...

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

Indeed! Happy Birthday, Meg!