Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bambino Report

Well, I checked out Il Bambino's outoor patio/garden in the back; I was there this afternoon and thought it was lovely. They do plan to install awnings for shade, because it can get warm back there mid-day. There are plenty of seats - I counted about 26. In the back corner there is a nice seating area that probably accommodates 6-8 people, nice for a bigger group. There is a nice balance of two tops and four tops, too.

They added a bunch of new things to the menu, too. I highly recommend the spicy avocado and goat cheese crostini. The "salsa formaggi" crostini is also very good. The carrot and feta salad is way delicious.

This is a great addition to Astoria's summer outdoor restaurant spaces! If you love good food, wine, and enjoying it outdoors, this place is for you.

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Unknown said...

oh im dieing over here! new food! AND the back is open!!! ugh