Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mediterranean Foods: Avgolemono to Olives

As I was walking down 30th Ave last week, I decided to stop into the Mediterranean Foods Grocery store that I often pass. Located just off the avenue on 34th Street, Mediterranean Foods is lined with shelves and fridges full of exciting products that are at once staple and specialty. Among the items in my basket were a goat's milk butter from Greece (lower in fat than regular butter, and with a delightful mild-yet-distinctive taste), a Greek sheep's milk feta (from their deli counter, which features a wide range of imported meats and cheeses), canned gigante beans with a tomato sauce (together with couscous, the contents of that little can make one of my favorite five minute meals), and the spoils from my raid of their extensive olive bar (including some delicious spiced green olives with whole coriander seeds). The store is well worth a trip: the prices are reasonable, and you'll find new products to spice up your routine dishes without a complete overhaul of your cooking habits. Mediterranean Foods has two locations, 30-12 34th Street and 23-18 31st Street, next door to Artopolis Bakery.

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